“2GAP officially launches its global platform during the Generation Equality Forum”

At the occasion of the Generation Equality Forum, 2GAP had the great honor to present on 1st July 2021 its webinar : “The power to decide to change the world.” Following this event, our collective was pleased to officially launch its global platform.

The authenticity and quality of our three guests greatly contributed to make this webinar a success! We warmly thank Sylvie Goulard, Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, Camelia Ntoutoume-Leclercq, Secretary of State for Higher Education, National Education and Civic Education of Gabon, and Asmâa Morine-Azzouzi, President of the Francophone Networks of Women Business Owners’ Association for their participation to this strong and inspiring moment. Many thanks also to our President, Nathalie Pilhes, for coordinating and moderating this event.

During this webinar, we were able to discuss the barriers and solutions that exist for women’s access to governance. The speakers reminded us that it is essential for women to be able to access leadership positions. “It is not enough to include women, we must succeed in transforming the decision-making process” claimed Sylvie Goulard, also reaffirming her belief in quotas as an essential tool for a real parity of 50%.

Asmâa Morine highlighted the importance of female role models in media to encourage women to succeed, especially in the entrepreneurship sphere : “For a woman, creating her own company requires the courage to resist a world of men. Media have to put forward models to make women want to succeed. A network such as 2GAP has a role to play in setting up shared structures.

The role of professional networks was also discussed and was unanimously emphasized as a driver to help build a more mixed professional environment and accelerate decision sharing.

The discussion ended with advice addressed to young women who aspire to reach high positions. “Work on your soft skills, be yourselves, take risks. Young women have to stop limiting themselves”, claimed Asmâa Morine. The final words were pronounced by Camelia Ntoutoume-Leclercq who said that she has “faith in young people” and is convinced that in Europe and even in Africa, the awakening and the evolution of the African continent will rely on women and will contribute to their emancipation. For her, “intelligence has no gender and courage has no limit.”

This event symbolically marks the acceleration of our global dimension to encourage shared governance within public and private decision-making bodies.

💻 To watch the replay of our webinar, click here.

🎥  You can also discover the explanatory video of 2GAP where you can learn more about the ambitions we carry and our different achievements.

Join us and see you soon for the #GenerationEquality!